This is a prospective, longitudinal cohort study of the neurodevelopment of children born following low to moderate or binge level alcohol exposure in-utero.

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The aims of this study is to understand the impact of the moderate-late preterm birth (between 32 and 36+6 weeks of pregnancy) on neurodevelopment, compared with infants born at 37 weeks or greater, known as “term” babies. This group of children were accessed at 2 years of age and are now coming back for a comprehensive assessment of health, cognitive development and brain development at 9 years. 

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Original VIBeS

The Original Vibes Study aims to evaluate brain injury and brain growth in children born very preterm, and how this relates to neurodevelopment. The participants have been accessed multiple times in infancy, childhood and adolescence (ie 2, 7 and 13 years)

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The VIBeS 2 project aims to understand the neurobehavioural development of infants born <30 weeks gestational age and their parents psychological wellbeing between birth and five years of age.

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