About us

The Centre of Research Excellence in Newborn Medicine is a world leading, multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, researchers and students with a history of advancing neonatal medicine and improving the health and wellbeing of all newborn babies and their families.

Globally, an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm (<37 weeks' gestational age) each year, with complications of preterm birth accounting for approximately 1 million deaths in 2015. Three-quarters of preterm deaths were preventable with current interventions.

Babies who are born preterm or sick present with a range of immediate and longer-term challenges that can significantly affect their future. We generate new knowledge in the areas of Newborn Resuscitation, Respiratory Support, Neuroimaging and Developmental Surveillance. We’re committed to translating this knowledge into policy and practice so that every baby and family receives the very best care. We partner and collaborate with consumers in everything we do because their lived experience and expert knowledge ensures our research is of the highest quality and focuses on what really matters to our community.

Following the success of the previous two back-to-back CREs in Newborn Medicine, our investigators are poised to expand their work through a targeted program of research, purposefully linked to practice translation.

Our vision is to:

  • Generate new knowledge in four critical areas of newborn care including resuscitation, respiratory support, developmental surveillance and neuroimaging

  • Engage in research projects that target specific gaps that we have identified with consumers, to ensure we continue to meet the needs of all preterm or sick babies and their families, and the health professionals that look after them

  • Effectively translate existing knowledge from our previous research, as well as new knowledge from this CRE, using well-established and novel implementation strategies, including web-based and mobile technologies

  • Identify and foster the development of future leaders in newborn medicine with a focus on training and mentoring as key priorities

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