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Telehealth Appointment Guides for Families with Infants & Young Children

Do you have a telehealth video appointment scheduled for your child? Or are you a health professional who uses telehealth in your service?

The CRE in Newborn Medicine, together with the University of Melbourne have developed two handouts to support families and health professionals using Telehealth. Designed for infancy and early childhood, the handouts provide instructions on getting ready and connecting to telehealth. For health professionals, contact details or additional instructions can be provided to families by utilising the modifiable section of the handout.

You can download the age appropriate handouts by clicking on the buttons below. We encourage you to pass these handouts on to your peers or other health professionals who may find them beneficial.

Infancy Guide

Early Childhood Guide


Filming a baby’s general movements at home

The CRE in Newborn Medicine team have a developed two handouts to guide families to film their baby's general movements at home. There is a detailed guide which also includes information for health professionals on transfer of data and we have also created a simple checklist with infographics as a quick guide for families.

Both handouts have been developed with our consumer advisory group and with health professional input from around the globe.

Please feel free to share with any family, friends, colleagues and patients who may find this beneficial.

You can download both resources here:
Full Guide

Quick Guide


Evidence Based Resources for Families about COVID-19

Navigating the Resources regarding Covid-19 can be overwhelming for families. Especially those families who have had a sick or preterm child.

Researchers from the CRE in Newborn Medicine have produced a list of links to evidence-based resources for families who are understandably worried and seeking information.

Family Covid Resource list 

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