The Developmental Monitoring & Follow-up of Children Born Sick or Premature

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The Centre for Research Excellence in Newborn Medicine has held the third in our ‘Listen.Share.Learn’ online discussion series on Wednesday 3rd May 2023. In this webinar, the topic of discussion was about developmental monitoring and follow-up for children born sick or premature.

Moderated by Professor Jeanie Cheong, a Consultant Neonatologist and director of the CRE in Newborn Medicine, the event bought together a panel of health professionals and parents to discuss the importance of developmental monitoring, signs to look out for when monitoring development, and tips to assist parents when advocating for their own children in this space. 

The panel of experts included, Professor Alicia Spittle, a Paediatric Physiotherapist from the University of Melbourne and the CRE as well as Vanessa McCallum, a parent form the CRE Consumer Advisory Group. 

A huge thank you to Dr Abbey Eeles and Syaza Binte Abu Bakar for bringing this session together. 

The session has had overwhelmingly positive feedback from the families and health professionals that attended the live and interactive session.

A recording is now available to view the session on the CRE in Newborn Medicine website here

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