PhD/ECR Session: Unveiling Its Works

CRE Phd & ECR Session (1)

The Centre for Research Excellence in Newborn Medicine held its first in-person PhD/ECR presentation and networking session since the pandemic, on 10 August 2023. The projects ranged from pulmonary function to physical activity and determining the current knowledge by teachers and support required for children born preterm.

The presenters and the title of their projects were as follows:

Cassidy Du Berry (PhD student) 

Pulmonary function of school-aged children born moderate-late preterm and early life associations

Dr Tara FitzGerald

Early life predictors of physical activity for children born very preterm

Dr Kate Cameron

Parent & child preferences for a physical activity participation intervention for children born very preterm: a qualitative study

Dr Leona Pascoe

Preterm birth knowledge: What Australian teachers know and need to support children born preterm

Dr Simonne Collins

PremmieEd: Parent arm

Claire Kelly (PhD student)

Brain development from infancy to adulthood following very preterm birth

Dr Amanda Kwong

The Baby Moves app: Boosting the availability and accuracy of the General Movements Assessment for high-risk infants

We are grateful for Prof Lex Doyle and A/Prof Brett Manley for taking time off their schedule to impart some wisdom and provide invaluable insights to our presenters! Thank you to our Research Coordinator, Dr Syaza Binte Abu Bakar, as well for organising this event. 

We are looking forward to seeing what lies ahead with our researchers. 

If you would like to find out more about their projects, please contact Syaza at


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