PremmieEd: Understanding teacher perceptions of the development of children born preterm

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It's been a week since we posted about our study 'PremmieEd' that focuses on understanding teacher perceptions of the development of children born preterm.
We want to understand the experience and knowledge of teachers on the developmental and educational outcomes of children born preterm. We are looking to also capture teacher’s views on whether teacher training and support is needed to assist children born preterm in classrooms. Teachers are an expert knowledge group when it comes to the development and learning needs of children and their perceptions and input are crucial.
To participate, all you need to do is to fill out a short, anonymous 15 minutes online survey by either scanning the QR code below or clicking on this link

For the parents arm of the project, the team will be reaching out to parents of children in the VICS 2005 and 2016-2017 cohorts by email, so keep your eye out for further information. 

For any questions about this project, please email Simonne Collins at or Leona Pascoe at

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