CRE in Newborn Medicine Neonatologists involved in international effort to address impact of COVID_19 on their practice

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The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the critical role played by international collaboration in healthcare and medical research. Across all fields, doctors and researchers across the globe are working together tirelessly to address how the outbreak of COVID-19 is impacting their practice. 

One such demonstration of this was seen in the area of neonatology with swift coordination and rapid action resulting in the publication today in Acta Paediatrica of the Review of guidelines and recommendations from 17 countries highlights the challenges that clinicians face caring for neonates born to mothers with COVID‐19.

Involved in this tremendous effort was Centre of Research Excellence in Newborn Medicine Director Jeanie Cheong, and Chief Investigator Dr Louise Owen. Both were invited to join the international consortium aiming to collate and review the clinical practice guidelines and recommendations from 17 countries for managing neonates born to mothers with COVID‐19. Dr Louise Owen who is a consultant neonatologist at Melbourne’s Royal Womens Hospital and a key member of Neonatal COVID Preparation team said of this project “it is the result of a large group of international newborn specialists coming together very quickly; pooling our knowledge and resources to support the global neonatal community in providing the best care for the smallest patients ”

Louise says she is hoping this review will provide some guidance to clinicians struggling to manage newborns according to the latest advice.

The publication is available here:

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