Listen.Share.Learn Parent Mental Health in the Neonatal Unit and Beyond - Recording now available!

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The Centre of Research Excellence in Newborn Medicine was joined by over 100 health professionals and family members in its first ‘Listen.Share.Learn’ event on April 13th.  ‘Listen.Share.Learn’ is a series of online discussions that focus on topics identified by consumers of newborn medicine as important areas for change. Understanding how the neonatal experience affects parents’ mental health and how this can be improved was where our consumers wanted to start these important discussions – and that topic was the focus of our first discussion. Together with an expert panel of parents and health professionals in the neonatal medicine space, registered participants had the opportunity to learn about parent mental health following a neonatal admission and beyond, have their questions answered and contribute to improving the mental health outcomes of families experiencing neonatal care.

Dr Abbey Eeles, Knowledge Translation Fellow for the CRE in Newborn Medicine said of the event “hearing the families voice and gaining a deeper appreciation of families experiences in the neonatal unit facilitated reflection on my own clinical practice, as it did for many of the attendees. Ninety-three percent of the health professionals who responded to our follow-up survey reported they were either very likely or likely to change their clinical practice following the ‘Listen.Share.Learn’ discussion. It was humbling and inspiring to read the comments made by various health professionals on registration about the clinical practices they implement to support the mental health of the parents they work with”.

If you missed out on joining us live, you can watch the recording here. Make sure you subscribe to our website for updates so you can be informed of future Listen.Share.Learn events hosted by the CRE in Newborn Medicine.

The CRE in Newborn Medicine welcomes families, newborn community groups, as well as other health professionals, clinicians and researchers within the field of newborn medicine to contact us with any ideas about the types of events they would like to see from the CRE in Newborn Medicine. You can email us at

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