Mr Alex Aldis

Mr Alex Aldis

Alex Aldis is a Parent of Pre-term twins, born at 24 weeks at Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital and has been involved with the previous CRE in Newborn Medicine for 6 years. Alex knows first hand the challenges that are faced by parents and families both through the intense NICU experience and the long term challenges of raising children born prematurely.

Alex has been actively involved as a consumer advocate since his children were born in 2009 and draws a significant consumer perspective from monthly facilitation with his partner of a parents support group in NICU over the past 8 years. Alex is strong advocate for improving high risk newborn’s outcomes and says “ The physical and mental health consequences of premature birth are significant and small improvements in outcomes for both children and parents provide lifetime benefit”.

Alex also brings a strong commercial perspective having owned and operated several business with his current venture Flexikitch being recognised as one of Australia’s fastest growing business’s in the AFR in 2017 and 2018.

Alex will be aiding the CRE in Newborn Medicine by sitting on the Policy and Practise Translation Subcommittee.

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